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You deserve the best care possible.  We provide  you cost-free services to support you in your decision process.


Available Services


Pregnancy Test – Our urine pregnancy test detects the presence of the HCG hormone.  The test is 99% accurate.  We will provide this at no cost to you and discuss the results with you.


Ultrasound Exam – Women with a confirmed pregnancy are eligible to receive a cost-free limited obstetrical ultrasound exam performed by a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS) or an appropriately trained Registered Nurse (RN).  The ultrasound exam – also called a sonogram—may confirm viability, gestational age and estimated due date, show the fetal position, measure the fetal heart rate, and reveal multiple pregnancies.


Counseling – Our life circumstances affect our choices and access to nonjudgmental counseling plays an important part in your making a good decision.  We provide confidential, cost-free counseling with our Licensed Social Workers and Licensed Professional Counselor interns.  Counselors are trained to assess each variable that my affect or limit your choices and formulate a comprehensive care plan to support your specific needs.


Education --  Our education program allows you to increase your knowledge but also to interrupt poverty and unhealthy cycles.  In your education group, you are able to also help build a group of resilient people by sharing what you know with those around you.  We are on a journey together and are becoming stronger as we go.


Because each of our situations is unique, we have carefully cultivated a referral partner network of vetted community providers.  These providers allow us to address whatever circumstance you may be facing.









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